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Cask Report 2013-14

Front Cover 2013The 7th Cask Report, released 26th September 2013 provides an overview of the cask market during the past year; gives comparison with the overall beer market; and offers insight into the opportunities for brewers, pubs and pub companies. It is available for reading and download. View the latest, or previous Cask Reports from the drop down 'Cask Reports' menu above; alternatively download the various reports from the menu to the left of the page.

Cask Report 2013-14: Download Powerpoint Slides of Key Stats

These graphs are available to use in your own presentations. Download key slides

Cask Matters

This website contains both new and backdated copies of the Cask Report, as well as displaying copies of 'Cask Matters', a series of articles looking to give a positive and factually accurate look at cask ale – Britain's national drink. While it aims to promote cask, it also strives to be balanced. It looks at both good and bad, strengths and weaknesses.